European Climate Foundation Annual Report 2018


EU climate leadership

The ECF is committed to just, equitable climate policies that work for all Europeans. Our network is most powerful when we advance policy solutions that improve lives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our initiatives help ensure that the decarbonisation of Europe will increase prosperity, improve public health and create a better future for all Europeans.

National mobilisation

The climate movement can bridge the divide between short-term social demands and the need for long-term transformation actions. The ECF’s country initiatives help forge new alliances to support local or national initiatives and pro-climate leaders across the political spectrum, to ensure that meaningful climate policy does not get subsumed in a culture war or weakened by partisan divisions.

Europe's global leadership

Recognising the urgency of meeting the Paris Agreement objectives, the ECF’s international initiatives operate globally to support climate action. The ECF seeks to support climate ambition outside of Europe at country, regional, city and business levels by engaging citizens, policymakers, businesses and other actors in thelow carbon transition.

Sustainable finance

To minimise the worst impacts of climate change, there is an urgent need to speed up investment in clean energy technologies and other decarbonisation solutions. Besides public and philanthropic funding, it is critically important to shift private capital into climate-related investments, particularly in emerging markets where energy demand is rising, capital markets are less developed, and perceived political and regulatory risk is often high.


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